Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew are the most magnificent and glorious royal Thai architectural complex located at the heart of Bangkok. Visiting here, you’ll get a glimpse of the onetime home of the royal family, a testament to splendor and the power of the ruling kings in Rattanakosin Kingdom. On the temple side, you’ll see the most sacred centerpiece, Emerald Buddha, the meditating Buddha statue made of jade and dressed in gold.

Location: Na Pra Lan Road, Pra Nakon, Bangkok, 10200

Operating hours: 8:30 am – 15:30 pm 

Admission fee for foreigners: 500 Baht

Important note: Make sure you wear appropriate clothing. Pants or dress/skirt must extend knee length. Top has to fully cover shoulders. No bare foot. 

How to get there from KMUTT: The best way to get there from KMUTT is to take Uber or Taxi. 

By bus: You can take no.21 in front of the university and get off at Chareonkrung Merry King Mall. Then, walk along Maha Chai Road. Turn left onto Charoenkrung road. Continue walking until you reach Sanamchai Road. Turn right. Direct to Na Pra Lan Road. 

By bus and express boat: Take bus no.75 to Rajsingkorn temple. Get on the express boat to Ta Change pier. Then, walk straight out from the peir. It will reach you to Na Pra Lan Road.